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Poverty sucks.
Now that I've ranted and raved about my life in two words, let's move on. :]

I post a lot of art that says "GA" on it, but for a long time I've stopped saying what this means, so
figure I'll put it here. "GA," when I have used it, stands for "Gaian Avatar" or "Gaian Art," which is to
say that the picture is based on someone's avi from Gaiaonline.

I've been a member of Gaia since 2005 (under the u/n Lost Melfanian. So original. xD), and while there 
are a lot of things going on with the site that I (and much of the Gaian community) can (and probably 
have) complain(ed) about right now... I still enjoy it, because the MAIN reasons I visit there are my 
friends, my joy at drawing freebies, and the Void. The Void is a freebie/hangout thread (currently in 
version 3, I guess, since there have been 2 Void threads before the current one). I've lived in a Void 
thread on Gaia since 2009 and probably wouldn't change that even if I were invited elsewhere.

If you're on Gaia and get bored, feel free to visit the Void one day.
Might get you a freebie out of it. Who knows. :]

Hmm... what else can I talk about...

:iconraifanzell: This is my brother's deviantArt account.
No, for realsies, he's my bro. Like... Blood kin. Same parents n' everything. lol.

Eric joined dA a while back. He'd had an older account and lost the info to log on it, but his newer 
account is up-to-date and he seems to be enjoying dA now. Makin' friends n' stuff. It makes me happy 
for reasons I just don't know how to explain. Heh. 
He's been pushing himself to keep drawing by not only doing his own stuff, but taking requests. It's been 
fun to watch him do this, especially when someone asks for something I'd consider a break from his 
normal stuff. Sometimes I get unreasonably jealous about this, but eh. Siblings. :]

For those of ye that don't know, Eric has been drawing as long in his life as I have in mine, and had
been something of an inspiration for me to draw for a long time. I love drawing, but he instilled the
initial joy of it in me via friendly art-rivalry, if ye will.
Throughout high school, we were both somewhat known by our art. People would consider me the
sister of "that one guy with all the drawings," and he has probably had people ask if he was related
to or knew of "that girl that draws."
I had long considered his work better than mine, and still do in some respects, but I understand (and
stress) that our styles are simply different. And we are both, according to people we've met, good 
at them.
Which is enough for me now.

Hmm... Can't think of anything else to say without going on a tangent.
So uh... Guess I'm out.

'Till next time, Journal.
*pat pat*
*rolls away*
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lost-melfanian's Profile Picture
Melissa F. Parham
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm yer typical "Been drawing since forever" kind of artist.
Self-taught, but hopefully someday I'll be college-refined. ;]

I generally have trouble drawing hands, feet, and back-
grounds, like many artists I know. My depth perception is
really blah. And I should probably look up more things
regarding fashion to help with clothing designs for characters
and whatnot.

I'm addicted to emotes, Gaiaonline forums, video games
(mainly RPGs), and music, but drawing is my reason for life.
If I can't draw, I get depressed.

I like to sniff paper. |D

Any questions?

My brother is on dA too! Ye should check out his work: :iconraifanzell:
He was always an inspiration for me to get better at drawing
when I was younger. Keep up the good work, bro!
*thumbs up* :D

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Took me long enough to watch you back, right?
Hi  OuO
lost-melfanian Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh snap.
We've been spotted.

Dunno how I never watched you before now, but this is happening. >: 3 <333
drakokatze Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Acfaerie Oct 2, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the Fav, Mel mel! <3
thanks for fav :) (Smile)
I found you through gaia >3<
I like your art but I feel scared to ask for a freebie there xD
So I'll lurk o.o
lost-melfanian Aug 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, you did? ou o That's kinda cool.

lol. Don't be too scared to ask for a freebie in the Void. It's a freebie thread. It's sort've expected. P:
'Course you could always lurk and just converse like a normal person instead of asking for a freebie, too.
We're pretty nice people in there.
Haha o.o
I think I was lurking there xD 
I just haven't been online in awhile cause I was offline ^^
I shall re-find the thread to lurk and talk o3o
lost-melfanian Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool. :] *thumbs up*
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